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Take the control of a man who woke up in the dark and tries to survive a dungeon. Lost and forgotten in a dark dungeon. But someone or something is haunting you.

After Hazard is a 2d top down horror adventure.
The dungeon is based an 60 floors each with random settings for enemies, traps, weapons and items. Watch your step even you know a floor, because something may be different than you remember it.

The dungeon is inhabited by creatures, just waiting for there next meal. Once you run and fight your way to safety , you may realize that there is more than just the creatures. A System that don't like the idea to see how you escape.

Info: Early Access - For more information about the current state of the development, please see below.

Demo version will be available soon.

Key Features

Adventure mode: The focus of the adventure mode is a slower gameplay and a more horrific atmosphere. You have to solve puzzles and defeat less enemies.

  • More linear level design
  • Random horror elements
  • Special gescripted events
  • Puzzles

Survival mode: Faster gameplay, more enemies and no puzzles.

  • A dungeon based on 60 floors.
  • One run is based on 5 floors.
  • Discover new floors and enemies once you play again.
  • Each floor has random settings for enemies, traps, weapons and items.
  • Instant death mode. One hit and you die!
  • Randomly placed traps to force you to be careful.

Early Access - Alpha 5

This is a very early version of After Hazard.
Not all features are available right now
and the game is by far not polished.

Current content in Alpha 5

Game modes:

5 of 60 floores
1 enemy type
4 weapons
4 traps

Adventure mode and more game content will be added with free updates until the game is finished.

More information

Published Dec 31, 2016
StatusIn development
Release date Dec 30, 2016
TagsAction-Adventure, Dark, Dungeon Crawler
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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